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Nov 3, 2013 2:00am EST
. it is a catch-22. they never expected to have snowden's revelations all over the place. it means there is almost an end to secrecy. first you had the wiki leaks, private manning, and now you have edward snowden who has caused and international -- an international uproar. it makes you wonder whether the government can preserve some of the secrets because there are young people who have other ideas and they are willing to take the risk of putting them out. it is an interesting and relatively new development that makes it hard. some secrets should be kept, but it is a question of degree. it looks as though the nsa was doing too much. they have to do some things, obviously. there has to be a balance between security and freedom. we could live in a police state where the government knew everything. there has to be a balance between what the government needs to do and our own freedom and civil liberties and rights. they happen to be guaranteed in a thing called the constitution of the united states. host: is glenn greenwald a journalist or an activist? guest: you have to ask him, i think he is a littl
Nov 2, 2013 10:00am EDT
. >> and to foreigners have american constitutional rights? in -- >> no, they don't. is it safe to say that mr. snowden was an analogy who took analogy of an librarian who took research books home who did he violate his constitutional oath by revealing to the detriment of the united states national security interest facet but information? >> he did. >> were his actions illegal? >> they were. >> were they unconstitutional? >> they were. -- >> did. snowden mr. snowden put at risk america's national security interest? >> he did. illegal,s unconstitutional revelations help the terrorists who seek to kill americans? >> i believe they will. i would say they have and they will. >> it was recently stated by a leader in europe that it is not done. is it your experience that allies of the united states have spied on the united states historically? >> yes. >> or even as we speak? >> yes. >> we have reason to believe that whatever it is, germany or france or spain or brazil or any other allies, it is reasonable that we are listening to the united states or leaders. >> that is correct. whos it common for those are
Oct 28, 2013 4:15am EDT
to the nsa. we fired a lawsuit. lawsuit.a in 2008 we filed another. thanks to the leaks of edward snowden, this year we filed along with plaintiffs in the crowd a lawsuit stating that nsa surveillance violates the first amendment. we are a nonprofit civil liberties law and technology firm that got started way back in 1990, defending the rights of individuals to have constitutional rights when it comes to technology, but we can only do it because we have so many members supporting us, fighting with us, thank you for coming out here today. we could not do this without you. honestly, we could not do it without coalition members. a 100-plus organization to companies, folks who do amazing work all over the world, free press, who amazes me, you have no idea how many hours they put into putting this together. they have so much energy, you guys are the best. fight for the future, which makes me feel conservative by comparison. yesterday, friday, they put together 55 meetings in congress. citizens all over the country we came together and met in meetings for internet surveillance. we have demand p
Nov 2, 2013 12:00pm EDT
these mistakes all this information. youess my question is, know, mr. snowden is supposedly the source of all of this information, and we have talked you all before about the level he was at and how he would have knowledge.f i know some of the things being put out are not true. as has already been stated here, we know that. it is kind of like fighting with .ne hand tied behind your back mean -- is how -- i this just stuffy is making up or was this stuff going on while he was at nsa? >> congressman, he had one of ouraccess as website administrators in hawaii. it was not that he had knowledge, because he clearly didn't understand things about how these tools actually operate, and you can see the misperception from what was .tated collection on a european country had nothing to do with collection on a european country. his job was to administer a website that brought information to nsa hawaii. he did not have access to fisa data or business records to 15 or some of our more sensitive -- to he did get great access the core of our reporting, and he took a lot of that data with him, and he has shar
Nov 2, 2013 2:00pm EDT
of perhaps a part of this being uses -- obviously with snowden and what we are seeing in other cases. and it really troubles me to think that this would be sealed. was there any discussion about how this is a very important piece of information that the committee really needs to know? real problem that justice would not go to court and explain that there is a separate duty and congress needs to be aware of information to protect the country. i think this is part of the bigger issue. so wanted to get your thoughts on that. subsequently update us as soon as you could once this thing was unsealed? >> i am here today. it was just unsealed two days ago. >> so it was sealed for two years. >> on the next round is. and thank you for calling the judge. i appreciate it. actthis is a false claims case. they have a very special treatment because somebody comes for it is a whistleblower and the government has to keep it under civic is a government has to decide whether to intervene in the case. so i think that is the reasoning. >> this is an issue because we have a different responsibility and we
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)